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Click on the icons for interactive news experiences for you and your students. The news-related lesson plans offer an easy way to integrate technology into your program. There are writing assignments with instruction, video and polling, informational text with interactive comprehension quizzes, and much more. They're easy to use and make use of the latest in technology's learning tools.

Word of the Day

A great vocabulary builder, terrific for SAT practice.

Quote of the Day

An inspirational quote and writing prompt.

Around the Globe

Headlines from around the world with an interactive globe. Speech tool can read the story aloud.

Comparing News Stories

A brief news story and a writing lesson, updated daily.

Lesson Plans for Teachers

Ten+ lesson plans in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, timed to this week's events.

Activity Sheet

Can be printed and distributed to students.

Newsie k-3

A video and news activity for students in grades K-3.

Video News Views

A video and news poll activity for grades 4 and higher. Updated weekly.

Write the News

A weekly in-depth writing assignment with instructions and news connection.

From the Core

Informational text with a self-assessment comprehension quiz. Updated weekly.

Page One Prime

An in-depth look at a story making news this week.

Welcome to Newspapers in Education

Newspapers support learning in so many ways! The Charlotte Observer's NIE program:

  • Promotes student literacy
  • Integrates world and local news, politics and technology into the classroom
  • Sparks enthusiasm for meaningful classroom interaction
  • Cultivates continued student interest in current events, broadening the ability to learn
  • Serves as a living textbook, allowing students to witness history as it happens
  • Creates lifelong learners, more informed consumers and involved citizens

The Charlotte Observer's sponsored Newspaper in Education program for your classroom is now available exclusively online. Instead of receiving printed copies of The Charlotte Observer, you'll have online access to the newspaper and all its regular content seven days a week via an electronic edition subscription sponsored by Observer subscribers and business partners.

We're going digital in order to:

  • Offer technology and curricula that may be used to improve media literacy
  • Contribute toward a healthy environment
  • Prevent delivery error — the e-edition is always available online, day or night
  • Reduce newsprint, production and delivery costs

And best of all, the e-edition is FREE!